Welcome to Hydrogeo

Hydrogeo ImageHydrogeo Limited is an independent environmental consultancy. The consultancy provides expertise in contaminated land risk assessment, groundwater protection and water resources to private companies and individuals across the UK and Ireland.

We can provide specialist support in the following areas:

Groundwater Protection

Groundwater risk assessment and modelling

  • contaminated land and groundwater
  • hydrogeological risk assessments for landfill sites.

Environmental Impact Assessment (Geology and Hydrogeology)

  • minerals (open cast coal, limestone, sand and gravel)
  • road schemes
  • development projects
  • waste management projects
  • renewables (wind power)

Groundwater Resources

  • Water supply (source prognosis, drilling procurement, supervision and contract management, borehole testing, analysis and licensing)
  • Quarry dewatering
  • Climate change and groundwater.

Geothermal (Ground Source heating)

  • Feasibility, design, supervision and licensing of open systems (heat exchange from groundwater abstracted from boreholes)
  • Feasibility, design and supervision of closed systems (heat exchange direct from the ground via trenches of boreholes).

We are experienced in using a range of groundwater modelling and detailed quantitative risk assessment tools and in presenting and discussing technical hydrogeological issues with clients and Regulatory Authorities.

Hydrogeo can provide consultancy support to other environmental consultancies on individual projects, on an ad-hoc basis or on short or long term contracts.  We can also provide in-house training for groundwater monitoring, evaluation and assessment.

Hydrogeo can draw on external consultants in related disciplines to provide a wider service to clients if required;

  • Ecologists to undertake Ecological Risk Assessments for contaminated land
  • Hydrologists to undertake flood risk assessments and drainage schemes
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Waste management consultants.